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Freight Broker Courses

Welcome to our Blog about Freight Brokering. If you are not ready to enroll in our freight broker training course but would like to learn more about the life of a freight broker, you came to the right place! In our blog, you will find a lot of useful information related to freight brokering and issues associated with this profession.

LearnFreight Team

What is a freight broker?

What is a Freight Broker?

Today we are going to answer the questions what is a Freight Broker? A freight broker is an intermediary between someone who needs something shipped and...

What is a freight agent?

What is a Freight Agent?

A freight agent is also an intermediary between someone who wants something shipped and a transportation company that can transport it. However...

Why shippers hire Freight Brokers?

Why do shippers hire freight brokers? 

Why do shippers hire freight brokers? It costs them money. They could just reach out to transportation companies directly and get their shipment to...

Freight Broker Transaction Diagram

What happens in a freight brokering transaction?

Many of you wonder how a typical freight brokering transaction takes place. So today we are going to use the video from our course. It outlines what typically happens...

What is a surety bond?

What is a surety bond in freight brokering?

Let’s avoid definitions and try to make this as simple as possible. Let's start with the question, why do you need a surety bond? Well, to get licensed...

Company formation for freight brokers

Why should you form a company for your freight brokerage?

Today we will discuss company formation for your freight brokerage. Let’s look at five reasons to form a company when starting your operations...

What is Days to pay?

What are “days to pay” in freight brokering?

When you get involved with freight brokering, sooner or later — and rather sooner — you will hear the term “days to pay.” What is it, and how does...

What is Quick pay?

What is a “quick pay” and how is it used in freight brokering?

 “Days to pay” refers to how long it takes for a freight broker to issue a payment on the invoice they received from a motor carrier. And we determined that...

Cost to start freight brokerage

What is the cost of starting a freight brokerage?

You're probably thinking about starting your freight brokerage, and so you want to know how much money it will cost you to get started. As with many things...

What is Broker-carrier agreement?

What is a broker carrier agreement, and should you be using one?

A broker-carrier agreement is basically a contract between you as a freight broker and a motor carrier who will be transporting your client's cargo. Now should you...

Who are freight forwarders?

Who are freight forwarders?

Freight brokers are intermediaries between a client, a shipper, or someone who needs something shipped and a transportation company that can...

Factoring for freight brokers

What is Factoring for freight brokers?

In case you don't know, factoring is basically when a company sells its account receivables to a third party at a discount. Now, let's do a simplified...

What is Fuel surcharge and contract market

What is a fuel surcharge and a contract market?

So many aspiring brokers get confused by the concept of a fuel surcharge. What is it, and how should it be used? Before we get into the details...

Online presence of a freight brokerage

Online presence of a freight brokerage. What is it?

So, what is an online presence, and why should we be talking about it? First of all, we need to admit that when they think of a freight brokering...

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